Spring Break is just around the corner, so if you're late to the planning game, then you just might get stuck in the Abilene area while your friends are throwing down on the beach.

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Back when I was in school, we'd plan our spring break trips well in advance. Then again, we didn't have the internet so we actually had to do it all in advance. Otherwise, we'd be stuck at home doing nothing.

Let's go ahead and take a look at this year's spring break schedule, for 2022, so you can plan your festivities and not be stuck at home.

So, it looks like most area schools have the same spring break of March 14th-18th, but there are some exceptions so pay close attention to the schedule above. Also, you can click on each school's name and it will take you to their calendar.

If you like swimming, then you can't go wrong with the various awesome swimming holes we have here in Texas, which I feel are the perfect spring break destinations. Some of these are so remote that no one will know where you're going so your spring break party can be legendary.


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