If you've been wondering what the most popular cocktail in Texas is, you're in luck; I have an answer. The website Estately just put together a list of all 50 states and their favorite drink of preference. Can you guess whats the favorite here in ole Texas?Looking at the statistical breakdown, which is based on Google Trends, the West Coast like their Sidecars. I'm not sure what a sidecar is but to me it means a drink with a spare. The East Coast likes their Martini's and Cosmos, but overall it looks like the White Russian and Tom Collins are the big winners with many states.

Out of all 50 states Texas ranked 20th among cocktail enthusiasts. Texas, however, stands alone with its love of the Margarita! I would have to agree on this one, there is nothing better than a nice big frozen margarita to wash the day's cares away. Frozen or on the rocks doesn't really matter. Tequila, lime and a little orange-flavored liqueur; simple, easy and delicious.

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