The wait is over. Years after forming his post-Limp Bizkit project Eat the Day, Wes Borland has shared the instrumental music the band had compiled while together in an eight-song set titled The Demos.

Upon Borland's exit from the group in 2001, he formed the band but it never truly took off as he struggled to find a vocalist to front the project. There were a few different lineup changes over the years, including a period in which he attempted to combine forces with another of his projects, The Damning Well. Ultimately Borland shelved Eat the Day in 2003, but recently decided to revisit the material.

A few weeks back, Borland, who has since returned to Limp Bizkit, gave the first inkling that Eat the Day's previous work would surface, unleashing the track "Whalephant" as a teaser. Not long after, he revealed the full set would arrive on April 8.

"It's been nearly 20 years since my brother, Greg Isabell and myself wrote a ton of awesome music, tried and failed to find a vocalist, and then moved on to other things," Borland's brother and bandmate Scott explained. "It was probably the most musically focused time of my life and although it's unfinished work I'm so glad that these demos are going to see the light of day."

In addition to the previously revealed "Whalephant, the album opens with the dark and driving bass-led track "dAdA," followed by slow ebbing cut "The Slow Mile." You've also got a nine-minute epic titled "The Boob" that's a little more electronic in nature. "Taste My Gun" is arguably the heaviest track on the record, while "Beeblicowcarpsis" plays with loud-soft dynamics and "Nutooupa" sounds the most like his former band at the time, Limp Bizkit. Finishing out the set is the triumphant and rocking closer "Gunship Down."

Check out the artwork and track listing, then dig in to the full Eat the Day record The Demos below.

Eat the Day, The Demos Artwork + Track Listing

Edison Sound Records
Edison Sound Records

1. dAdA
2. The Slow Mile
3. Whalephant
4. The Boob
5. Taste My Gun
6. Beeblicowcarapis
7. Nutooupa
8. Gunship Down

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