Propelled by great trailers, strong buzz, and a supremely rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, Get Out easily took the number one spot at the box office this weekend, dethroning The LEGO Batman Movie. Will the positive reaction to Get Out help it overcome the second week slump that so many horror movies suffer? We’re in uncharted waters here — critics and audiences rarely like a genre movie this much.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1Get Out$30,524,000$10,976$30,524,000
2The LEGO Batman Movie$19,000,000 (-42%)$4,683$133,006,000
3John Wick: Chapter 2$9,000,000 (-45%)$3,047$74,412,000
4The Great Wall$8,719,000 (-53%)$2,620$34,424,000
5Fifty Shades Darker$7,700,000 (-62%)$2,394$103,635,000
6Fist Fight$6,300,000 (-48%)$1,978$23,174,000
7Hidden Figures$5,875,000 (-19)$1,978$152,815,000
8La La Land$4,600,000$2,654$140,860,000
9Split$4,118,000 (-42%)$2,166$130,843,000
10Lion$3,807,000 (-9%)$2,113$42,815,000

Get Out opened with $30 million, an astonishing start for a movie that only cost $4.5 million to produce. It would be a hit if that constituted the gross of its entire run. Even if it does plummet next weekend  —  which is typical for horror movies of all kinds  —  it firmly establishes Jordan Peele as a filmmaker with box office clout. It will be interesting to see if this one eschews the genre norms and sticks around for a while; after all, Split did that last month and is still going strong, having broken the $130 million mark this weekend with $4 million in eighth place.

Meanwhile, The LEGO Batman Movie fell to second place with $19 million, bringing the film’s total haul so far to $133 million. That’s a good number, even though it has become pretty clear that this one won’t come close to the numbers reached by The LEGO Movie a few years back.

In third place, John Wick: Chapter 2 continued to do strong and steady business, grossing $9 million for a $74 million total. At this rate, $100 million seems like a serious possibility. At the very least, it will soon double what the first film made at the domestic box office back in 2015. Either way, it will handily outgross the far more expensive The Great Wall, which fell 53% and earned $8 million, bringing its current total to $34 million. It may be a hit in China, but North American audiences simply weren’t interested.

In fifth place, Fifty Shades Darker stumbled 62% but still made $7 million, crawling over the $100 million mark. It won’t reach the heights of the first movie, but it’s still a hit and everyone involved should be fairly happy with an R-rated erotic drama doing this kind of business. It’s certainly doing better than Fist Fight, which never recovered from its weak opening weekend and made only $6 million this weekend.

The Oscar effect was in full swing in the back half of the top 10, with Hidden Figures and La La Land continuing to do strong business, making $5 million and $4 million respectively. Lion has not matched their success, but that 9% drop and $42 million gross is nothing to scoff at. Expect to see tonight’s winners see a bump next weekend.


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