'50 Shades of Grey', the book all the ladies are all hyped up about, continues to get the parody treatment.  Heck, we even did our own reading on 'The Men's Room' on 'The Morning After'.  Well, now, Jimmy Fallon produced his own hilarious version - '50 Shades of Grayskull'. Many people are getting in the act.  So far, Gilbert Gottfried, Saturday Night Live and more have done their own readings and now it's Jimmy Fallon's turn.

Check out this hilarious version called '50 Shades of Grayskull' where Fallon and company use old HeMan footage.

'50 Shades of Greyskull'

I have to say, besides our version of the reading, I think this one is my favorite. What about you? Out of all the parodies you have seen or heard, which one is your favorite?