Volbeat just keep chugging along and tearing up rock radio with songs like ‘A Warrior’s Call’ and ‘Still Counting,’ which begs the question of when we might see them move on to a new disc.

At present, the band shows little sign of slowing down and they’ve moved up to headliners for a bill that also features Hellyeah, Iced Earth and Killinger. However, when asked about the possibility of a new record, drummer Jon Larsen told the Gauntlet, “Michael [Poulsen] is always working on stuff. He is always writing and coming up with ideas. Yeah, there is something in the works right now. We have a few bits and pieces that we sometimes try out during sound check.”

As for when those “bits and pieces” get turned into something more, Larsen replied, “Once we are done playing the Wacken show, we are going to take a few days off and do nothing. Then we are probably going to be in the rehearsal room for the rest of the year coming up with stuff and getting the songs ready. Hopefully we will record a new album at the end of the year.”

Speaking of their success at American radio over the past year, Larsen says, “It makes you feel very honored and proud. I mean who would have thought that when two little stupid Danish guys met up eleven years ago in a dusty rehearsal room in Copenhagen, that all of a sudden they would end up at #1 in America on the Active Rock charts. It is incredible.”

Larsen jokes that the next goal is to “retire as a filthy rich billionaire,” but adds that he would gladly settle for making “the best album we can possibly make.” He concludes, “Hopefully people will still like it. If not, well, we had a good run.”