Dressing up as a rock star for Halloween can be really fun and easy, especially if you're portraying someone with a signature look. Velvet Revolver took advantage of this once, with some of the members actually dressing as Chinese Democracy-era Guns N' Roses for Halloween.

Yes, Velvet Revolver literally featured three musicians who were former members of Guns N' Roses at the time — Duff McKagan, Slash and Matt Sorum. They were also joined by Scott Weiland, who'd previously sang for Stone Temple Pilots, as well as rhythm guitarist Dave Kushner.

The supergroup formed in the early 2000s, and according to several sources, the Halloween photo was captured in 2004, the same year their debut album Contraband came out. So, given the timeline, the costumes were in reference to early 2000s-era Guns N' Roses, when Axl Rose was the only founding member in the band.

Sorum reposted the photo on his Facebook page a few years ago. Only Weiland and Slash joined in on the fun, with the vocalist wearing a red wig and bandana, just like Rose (minus the cornrows), and Slash sporting a yellow trench coat, mask and KFC bucket on his head, similar to his replacement in GN'R, Buckethead.

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McKagan wore a pink slip dress and a tiara (some speculate he was emulating Courtney Love), Kushner dressed as the devil and Sorum had a skull mask and top hat on.

According to Blabbermouth, the picture was taken in Little Rock, Ark. in 2004 at Rocktoberfest. See the photo below, and a clip of their performance from the evening underneath.

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