We've all heard or read stories about mythical creatures, whether it be from the old Greek stories, or some that are a little more modern. Well, with Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would put together a list of mythical creatures we wish were real. Who knows, maybe these might even inspire a cool Halloween costume.

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    I mean, come on, have you ever seen a movie or story about a mermaid that wasn't hot? Take the movie 'Splash' with Daryl Hannah - the sexiest mermaid of them all. For centuries, mermaids have been in many stories, but the earliest is about a goddess named Atargatis, who turned herself into a mermaid because she killed her lover. Talk about moody. Regardless, we'd like to see mermaids in real life. Where would you take a mermaid on a date? I guess Red Lobster, right?

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    Now, I'm not talking about the 'Twilight' movies or even 'True Blood' vampires (with exception to Deborah Ann Woll who plays Jessica on True Blood...that girl is smokin' hot!). Anyway, I'm talking about non-lame vampires like in Bram Stoker's Dracula or the Lost Boys vampires. Those guys were cool. Of course, you couldn't go wrong with a funny vampire like Leslie Neilson's character in 'Dracula: Dead and Loving It'.

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    Dragons are just cool. I mean, I wouldn't want to run into one in a dark alley, but I think it would be cool to have one as a pet or something like that. Man, talk about going through some food. And, forget about getting their shots updated. You would never have to build a fire again. "Yo dragon, make me some s'mores".

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    Zombies are cool because you can just jack with them. I mean they are pretty scary and all of that, and they wouldn't miss a chance to bite and eat you, but messing with one would be cool. Plus, you get to practice shooting with a moving target and not get in trouble for killing them. I mean, "They were already dead, officer".

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    Werewolves get a bad rap. I mean, on a night where there is a full moon, I wouldn't hang out with one. But, just think of the possibilities of having one as a friend. BBQ's would be amazing and you know there would be plenty of food for everybody. Also, if you got into a huge bar fight, guess who's got your back? That's right, your loyal werewolf friend, Gwen (my werewolf would be a girl). Get a flat tire and don't have a jack? No problem for a werewolf to pick your ride off of the ground while you fix it. One of the coolest portrayed werewolf is probably Jack Nicholson in 'Wolf'. But, probably one that you could party with was Scott in the movie 'Teen Wolf'.

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    Can you imagine hanging out with a Leprechaun? They are just happy little dudes, and they would drink anybody under the table for sure. Having one as a friend, you'd never have to pay for another drink again. I mean, dude has a pot of gold laying around, right? Hey 'Lucky Charms' leprechaun, they are not after your 'Lucky Charms', they're after your pot of gold you idiot.

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    Many people have claimed that these lovable creatures do exist with several sitings being reported. I mean, who wouldn't want a Sasquatch hanging out. If they are anything like the one from the movie 'Harry and the Hendersons', they would be awesome to hang out with because of their sense of humor. I mean, just look at the beef jerky commericals where people mess with them all the time.

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    Tinker Bell comes to mind when I think of fairies. Imagine getting sprinkled by her magic dust and being able to fly and do other cool stuff. The only thing about fairies that might not be cool, is that fact that they are so small, so dating them and having 'relations' would be next to impossible. Then again, she does have some magic dust.

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    Greek mythology surely has it's share of cool mythical creatures like the centaur, Minotaurs and more. But, the coolest would have to be Medusa. I know she was a crazy chick with wicked snake hair, and if you looked into her eyes, you would turn to stone, but, I think she was much more than that. She had feelings and dreams of becoming the next Aqua net spokesperson and all she ever really wanted was just the chance to loved. OK, so maybe she was kind of crazy, but think how much fun she would be on a blind date.

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    Speaking of Centaurs, they make number 10 on this list. The centaur is part man, and part horse. Not only are they just cool to look at, they would make a great drinking buddy. In Greek mythology, they were described as a rowdy bunch, who liked to drink heavily. So, you could party hard with one of these bad boys. It probably would not be a good idea, though, to catch a ride on one after a night of horsing around and drinking. But, man, I bet they know how to throw down a good party.