Since it's summer vacation time, there's a good chance you'll stop off at a truck stop or two while on the road. So, next time you do, make sure you've got some cash or debit card ready because you'll be walking into treasure chest of crazy items.

Seriously, my wife and I went out of town this past weekend and, while at a truck stop, we noticed the place was full of odd items that just seem out of place at an over-sized gas station.

Then again, many of the customers of truck stops only frequent truck stops, so they have to have a wide variety of items to appeal to all walks of life.

Ever thought you'd see a crock pot at a truck stop? Me neither. But, I can see how it's useful because truckers want a good hot meal while on the road too.

What about sleeveless shirts or pink cowboy hats? Hey, to each his own.

Check out the gallery of odd items I found at a truck stop over the weekend.