Tool kicked off the 2020 touring season in San Diego, California Friday night (Jan. 10) as they continue to support their latest album, Fear Inoculum. The show took place just hours after the world learned of the passing of Rush drummer Neil Peart and the band played a partial cover of "Passage to Bangkok" in honor of the late legend.

The tribute took place half-way into the set, coming right after "Schism" and it goes without saying that Rush have had a massive influence on Tool, and, more particularly, drummer Danny Carey, who owes a great deal of his style to Peart, among a wealth of others.

Historically, Tool have worked bits of "Passage to Bangkok," which is taken from the band's 1976 album 2112, into performances of their Opiate EP track "Cold & Ugly." It was only fitting that they resurrected the Rush favorite in homage to Peart, who lost a three-and-a-half-year battle with brain cancer on Jan. 7 at the age of 67.

The outpouring of tributes on social media from Peart's peers in the music community has been immense as they remember one of the greatest drummers and lyricists in history.

See Tool's complete set list from their first show of 2020 directly below. For Tool tickets, head here.

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Tool Set List — Jan. 10, 2020

01. "Fear Inoculum"
02. "Ænema"
03. "Parabol"
04. "Parabola"
05. "Pneuma"
06. "Schism"
07. "A Passage to Bangkok" (partial Rush cover)
08. "Jambi"
09. "Vicarious"
10. "Descending"
11. "Forty Six & 2"
12. "Chocolate Chip Trip"
13. "Invincible"
14. "Stinkfist"

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