For the first time ever, Tool played the Fear Inoculum song "Culling Voices" live on Jan. 15 and drummer Danny Carey even played guitar onstage at the beginning of the song.

The show at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California was just the fourth show of Tool's exhaustive U.S. tour, which will keep them on the road through March 20, with support from Blonde Redhead through Feb. 10 and The Acid Helps afterward. The run, which is continuing with the aid of COVID-sniffing dogs, has already been highlighted by a performance of "Right in Two" for the first time since 2011, with both "Hooker With a Penis" and "Pushit" being dusted off for the first time since 2014.

Singer Maynard James Keenan also belted out the end scream of "The Grudge" for the first time since 2002 on this tour and later toyed with the lyrics to "Hooker With a Penis," where changed one of the lyrics to "White Claw," the name of a popular hard seltzer brand.

Fans in attendance on Jan. 15 were in for a serious treat as Tool broke out "Culling Voices," the seventh track to be played off their most recent record, which was released in 2019. As if this wasn't enough of a surprise, Carey stepped out from behind his massive drum kit and joined the group in a tight half-circle at the front of the stage and played guitar as the hypnotic intro progressed forward.

The physical version of Fear Inoculum contains seven tracks, meaning Tool have now played each song off that version of the album (the digital version has three additional tracks — ambient interludes) at least once in concert, per

Watch fan-shot footage of "Culling Voices" below.

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Tool, "Culling Voices" Live — Jan. 15, 2022

Tool Set List — Jan. 15, 2022 in Sacramento, Calif. (via

01. "Fear Inoculum"
02. "Opiate" (with Happy Birthday to Adam)
03. "The Pot"
04. "Pushit"
05. "Pneuma"
06. "The Grudge"
07. "Right in Two"
08. "Descending"
09. "Hooker With a Penis"
10. "Chocolate Chip Trip"
11. "Culling Voices" (Live debut)
12. "Invincible"

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