Want to try Tomb Raider before it's released? Too bad, because there won't be a pre-launch demo.

Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director at Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix, has responded to fans' questions on Twitter and revealed that a demo will no be available before launch.

That's not to say that a demo won't pop up some time after the release, but they don't want to sacrifice the story with any spoilers that a demo might contain.

He also touched on some questions about the multiplayer portion of the game, saying that there will be no Season or Online pass for it.

We're hoping this means that any new content upgrades will be free, but that's yet to be revealed. Either way, we only care about getting to play as Zachary Levi in the multiplayer, so it's all good.

Let us know how you feel about not getting a pre-launch demo and the absence of a Season/Online Pass in the comments section! Tomb Raider will be out on March 5th, 2013.