The latest episode of Tomb Raider: The Final Hours has been posted. Its focus? A look at the multiplayer portion of the game!

In this installment of the Zac Levi-hosted behind-the-scenes look at the final hours of development of Tomb Raider, we're taken to chilly Montreal to check out the team behind the multiplayer. He interviews Karl Stewart, Crystal Dynamic's global brand director, about the mode and also about his rockin' mustache. Of course, gamers will probably only care about the former.

Stewart says that they saw the lore and environments they had built for the single player campaign and realized that they could be used as a canvas for multiplayer. Working on Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light helped them get used to co-operative play and let them see how much fun Tomb Raider fans could have playing together. All of this led to the inception of the multiplayer mode, but instead of Crystal Dynamics splitting resources to develop it, the mode was taken to Eidos Montreal.

Joe Khoury, producer of multiplayer at Eidos Montreal, said the focus for multiplayer groups would be survival and traversal. He also gives us a look at some of the environmental hazards present throughout the multiplayer maps, like explosives rigged to look like ammo boxes (wow, that's pretty low!), and lightning rods that can be set up to channel the might of Thor.

The final feature they show off is the inclusion of Zac Levi himself as a playable multiplayer character! The game will offer you the chance play as the guy who plays Chuck Bartowski (or Flynn Rider, whatever you prefer), so that's got to be a selling point for some people. Right?

Catch the video below and let us know if you'll be picking up the game when it's released on March 5th, 2013. Pre-ordering at Amazon nets you the Final Hours Edition for free, which includes an Exclusive Artbook, an in-game skin for Lara, and a digital copy of The Final Hours for Kindle Fire, so that might be worth a look.