They say that everything is bigger in Texas. And that includes our passion for classic cars and trucks. If you're looking for the best place in  Abilene that will help you make that dream ride a reality, keep reading.

Timbra Steina Hot Rods & Customs, formerly Blue Twisted Steele, specializes in customizing and restoring classic automobiles. Whether you're looking at giving your sentimental first car a new life, or you found your dream car that needs some help, you can depend on the experts at Timbra Steina.

They will customize your dream ride if you are looking for a complete restoration, painting, suspensions, fabrication, restomod, or even stereo systems. They can even give your classic car or truck 21st-century tech upgrades.

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Photo: Timbra Steina Hot Rods and Customs
Photo: Timbra Steina Hot Rods and Customs

Why turn to Timbra Steina Hot Rods and Customs?

  • Passionate about the work they do and dedicated to every project, treating every car as if they were going to be the ones behind the wheel
  • Experienced, having started working on cars and doing custom renovation work since they were young
  • Determined to create a final product you'll absolutely love and will be proud to be seen in for years to come

The past few years during Cruise Night, we've been lucky enough to hang out at their shop and it always amazes me to see the work that Mitch and the crew do at Timbra Steina. Seriously, when you get a chance, check out the gallery of some of the work they've done over the years on their website.

Photo: Timbra Steina
Photo: Timbra Steina

Bring your pride and joy into their shop, and know the upgrades and customizations they'll make are going to make your ride look awesome on the road.

You can find Timbra Steina Hot Rods and Customs on Facebook and their website.

Don't forget our Spring Cruise Night is set for April 13th. You can find more details here


Gallery Credit: Chaz

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