Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann has released a sparse, piano-driven solo single sung in Russian called "Любимый город," which translates to English as "Favorite City." The sudden stylistic turn from the German rocker emerged on Thursday (April 22).

It's not clear whether the song is a one-off release from the Rammstein singer or part of an upcoming album, as Metal Hammer reported. It's also unclear if the track officially bears the musician's first and last name or just the surname of his side project Lindemann that once included Swedish instrumentalist Peter Tagtgren.

It's not without its collaborative aspects, however — even if those collaborators are no longer living. According to the YouTube-generated clip clip for the single, the tune's lyrics are the words of late Soviet and Russian poets Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky and Nikita Bogoslovsky.

"Favorite City" is sure to be a curiosity for fans of both Rammstein's patented "new German hardness" and Lindemann's work outside of the act. And it's probably not a stretch to say that most wouldn't have foreseen this kind of number coming from the performer.

Last week, Rammstein announced a collaboration with luxury designer Balenciaga that includes new merchandise and an exclusive playlist. The group's European stadium tour was recently postponed a second time to 2022; North American dates are still on for later this year.

Listen to Lindemann's "Favorite City" below.

Till Lindemann, "Любимый город" ("Favorite City")

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