With Tiger Woods' game on the upswing thanks to Monday's victory at the Farmers Insurance Open, EA SPORTS has just released a list of gameplay enhancements for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14.

Fans of the franchise will travel back in time, beginning in the late 1800's all through the present day. As gamers progress through the timeline, they can chart the progression of true ball physics and the evolution of the all important golf club. The game's presentation is also vastly updated, as it features over 3,300 camera shots, with statistics presented throughout each round.

Enthusiasts fixated on the game's mechanics can play with twenty four golfer swing styles, as they customize their career mode golfer's skills. An enhanced strike meter enables gamers to hit their golf ball out of any location with a perfectly performed stroke, and a new left to right movement feature attempts to simulate actual golf game scenaries.

The most noticeable change with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 may come with the addition of a simulation difficulty level, which was created for hardcore players who want to experience what true professionals face each tournament. Under this setting, the green grid, the swing meter, zoom to aim, and other golf aids are turned off.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 is available starting March 26th on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.