Whether on vacation or meeting a newcomer in town, we've all been met with some outlandish statements from people who know nothing about Abilene. Heck, countless times I've been asked if I live in Kansas. No, I told you Abilene is in West Texas, ya big dummy. What part of West Texas is in Kansas?

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What's worse is when an outside mispronounces our street names. It's pronounced Ant-lee, not AnTILLy. Yes, I know how it's spelled, I'm just pointing out that we say things a little different around here. Oh yeah, we're also well aware that we have poor drainage, tons of churches and convenient stores, and potholes on every dang road. Saying some of these things to us will, easily, get you a side-eye if not a full-on eye roll.

As you scroll down, start thinking of other "things you should never say to someone from Abilene" to add to this list and shoot me an email with your comments.

ATTENTION: Things You Should Never Say to Someone From Abilene

While some of those statements are sarcastic, or tongue-in-cheek, many of them ring true as things you should never say to someone from Abilene. Also, for those out-of-staters, just because we live in Texas, doesn't mean we all ride horses, rope dogies, and/or have an oil well on our property.

If you have plans on moving to Abilene, then you may want to pay attention to the following gallery as we explain the reasons you shouldn't move to Abilene.


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