Loudwire is bringing you 6 Things We Love About Disturbed's new album Divisive, out today (Nov 18.) Disturbed has promised that this is a return to early form for them, a la "ooo-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh" Down With The Sickness form, and we are happy to report that it does not disappoint.

Disturbed has been part of the core of alternative metal since they erupted on the scene in the late '90s. They have evolved and experimented with a variety of sounds in their eight studio albums since then and always been successful in holding and expanding their fanbase. But as the pandemic scuttled plans for their 20th anniversary tour celebrating their debut album, Disturbed have refocused their signature sound, and it pairs perfectly with their "wake up call" message to the world.

Let's break down what's inside the first new album in four years from Disturbed with 6 Things We Love About Divisive.

Non-stop Head Banging

From the opening track "Hey You" through to the one ballad on the record, your neck is getting a workout. There is no doubting that the battery of guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren were on a mission to create a mean-ass groove throughout Divisive. David Draiman noted that they were going back to that "poly-syncopated" sound, which can best be described as that feeling like the beat is tripping over itself. It's the rhythm of "Down With The Sickness." But that dosen't stop a bullet train-like momentum from taking over the record. If you make this your listen-to-at-the-gym album- you'll be wrecked after three songs.

"Bad Man"

Talking with Loudwire Weekends host Todd Fooks, Donegan says that Draiman improvised the chorus of "Bad Man" while he was playing the riff to him. Genius. It's classic rhythmic scatting from their leader, and it might just be the catchiest vocal riff from the record. Whoever this "Bad Man" (who seems to be both an a-hole and simultaneously searching for redemption) is, he gets the full Disturbed treatment, and it's a joy to sing-along to.

The message of Divisive is seamless with the music

We know this isn't the first time you've heard a hard rock band come out with an "anti-cancel culture" or "we're killing each other on social media" or "politics is tearing us apart" message since the age of COVID-19. On Divisive, Disturbed join a number of groups that have done a pretty good job of forging pandemic-era woes and frustrations into songs. But it never feels preachy here. Whether you agree with everything they have to say or not, Draiman's lyrical message throughout Divisive adds the perfect point to an already sharp musical blade.

The way Dave sings "Me" as "May" on title track "Divisive"

"You won't listen to maaaay, you won't speak to maaaay." And then that rhymes with reali-tay in the next line. Awesome.

They got arguably the greatest female rock singer ever to duet with David

Ann Wilson of Heart duets with David on the power ballad "Don't Tell Me." It comes as unexpected, considering the brutality of the first six songs on the record, but it's an excellent addition. Marking their first ever guest vocalist on a Disturbed studio album, Draiman says to Toni Gonzales in a recent Loudwire Nights interview, "She's the best. There is no one... I think... that has ever lived that has the kind of voice that Ann does." From the first brooding guitar notes of "Don't Tell Me," to the climax, Draiman and Anne blend together for an epic down-shift to Divisive.

"The Guy" is back

Disturbed's fiery-eyed mascot is back on the cover art of Divisive, and it's a welcome sight. Tearing apart the metaphoric chains of societal-induced oppression, "The Guy" isn't afraid to sacrifice a bit of his skin for freedom. Welcome back, bro.

Take a listen to some of Divisive's standout tracks below, and also register to win an autographed Schecter Diamond Series guitar from Disturbed here, signed by the whole band. And make sure to catch Dan Donegan as he talks with Todd Fooks on Loudwire Weekends tomorrow night starting at 7PM ET, streaming here or on the Loudwire app.

Disturbed, "Unstoppable"

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Disturbed, "Divisive"

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