This week on The Weekend Buzz, we'll be sampling the refreshing flavors of Lone River Ranch Water on a special Thursday edition of the show.

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If you're not familiar with the show, basically it's just an excuse for us to hang out with our friends, sample some adult beverages, and let you know what's buzzin' in Abilene.

Last week, we chilled out with Abilene musicians Juan and Scott from the band South of Mayhem, and sampled Modelo Oro and Chelada Limon. It was a blast hanging out with these two dudes who have had a huge impact on the Abilene music scene. Check out the Booze Vault in the gallery below to see my thoughts on the two brews.

Lone River Ranch Water

Photo: Chaz
Photo: Chaz

This week, we will be rockin' the Lone River Ranch Water Original, and Margarita flavors. We'll also be hanging out with Wes from SignTex of Abilene. We'll also be doing the show on Thursday instead of our usual spot as we'll be broadcasting live out at Filo Liquors for the Jay Novacek signing this Friday.

Don't forget you can always listen on the <a href="" target="_blank">free Rock 108 app</a> if you're on the go. Also, take a look at some of the brews, spirits, seltzers, and more in the gallery below.

The Weekend Buzz is a pre-recorded show that airs every Friday from 3-7 on Rock 108 brought to you by our buddies over at Ben E. Keith Beverages, who along with Townsquare Media remind you to enjoy responsibly.

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