'The Walking Dead' is back for another killer season. So, to add some more excitement, and a Monday morning hangover, here are some drinking game rules to follow along with the show.

The Walking Dead Drinking Game Rules

Take 1 Drink

  • First walker you see in the show
  • When a walker attack starts
  • When a walker is killed (drink twice if it's hand to hand combat)
  • After a human is killed (down it if it's a main character)
  • Anytime you find Carl really irritating
  • If someone "goes missing"
  • For each new character added to story
  • Anytime a southern rock song comes on (plus you have to throw the devil horns up)
  • For every limb lost (extra drink if you think of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail')
  • Anytime Daryl aims his crossbow
  • Everytime Negan says 'Lucille'

Take 2 Drinks

  • Anytime Rick says or does something "heroic"
  • When Carl does something he is not supposed to do
  • Any kissing scene
  • Anyone trapped by more than 2 walkers
  • Any word other than "walkers" used
  • After walker attack finished
  • If anyone other than Daryl kills a walker with a bow and arrow
  • Any sexy shot of Lauren Cohan (Maggie)

Take 3 Drinks

  • Anytime Daryl kills multiple walkers
  • For any flashback scene
  • If you see a main character as a walker
  • When someone runs out of ammo at a critical moment
  • For 3 kills in quick succession
  • If kill is shown in slow motion
  • For any special cameo as a walker
  • If the group come up on a vehicle that still works
  • A non-walker threat to the group
  • Someone learns a new secret and doesn't share

Down It

  • Preacher kills a walker
  • Anyone injured by anything other than a walker
  • Rick is in hand to hand combat with non-walker
  • Happy reunion
  • Walker is run over by a vehicle
  • Any animal shown
  • If Carl loses his hat
  • If the episode makes you mad

Feel free to drop off a drinking rule for this game below in the comment section, and we'll add it to the list.

Townsquare Media, in no way, endorses irresponsible drinking. Always make sure you have a designated driver when you plan on drinking.


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