Now that the 'gun control' talk has simmered down a bit, prices of firearms have been on the decline. When prices go down, typically sales go up, especially as we get closer to the holidays. So, if you're in the market for a new firearm, because of these lower prices, then heed my advice about owning a firearm.

I have 2 simple words everyone should know and live by when it comes to owning a firearm: EDUCATION & RESPECT.

Whether you're buying a firearm because it's your 'right', because they're great investments, or because you're an avid shooter, you need to know how to handle a firearm. That's where education comes into play. You should go through extensive education on your firearm (from cleaning to handling to storing and more). You should also do the same with those in your home. You may know and respect your firearm, but your child or other family member may not. There are more accidental deaths than intentional each year. That's because of lack of education and respect for that firearm.

Finally, just like that car that goes 160mph, if you don't respect your firearm, you will pay the highest price. Firearms are not toys nor should they ever be treated like one.

After reading this, I'm sure many will respond by saying they're well educated on firearms and such, when deep down that's BS.

Don't be too proud to take a class or 2 in firearm safety. I've been a gun owner for over 40 years and believe refresher courses are also good for experienced people, like myself.