Back in 2015, I left morning radio, in Abilene, to take over the afternoon show on Rock 108. At that time, we left the window open for a return to mornings under the right circumstances. Well, here we are in late 2021 and the time has come to bring back The Morning After.

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The Morning After had been a staple of Abilene morning radio for years and years and now it's back better than ever. Chaz will be, once again, joining me on the show that will bring plenty of laughs, local content, lots of music, and absolutely zero politics.

In regards to afternoons, on Rock 108, our old friend Tony Labrie will be taking you home every day from 3-7 pm. He has previously hosted Loudwire Nights and has filled in for me quite a bit over the years. Tony is the real deal and we're stoked to have him full-time on Rock 108 again.

Personally, I'd like to take this time to thank Buzz, Lisa, Joanna, Nico, Brandon, and everyone else from the Buzz Adams Morning Show for kicking so much ass on Rock 108 these past few years. They'll remain part of our Townsquare Media family as well as the Rock 108 tribe. You can continue to listen to Buzz, each morning, online here.

The Morning After will be back beginning Wednesday, October 6th from 6-10 am and every weekday morning after that. We can't wait to cut up with you again and have lots of big things in store for our return.

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