The Gypsy Motorcycle Club, Abilene Chapter, and Kent's Harley-Davidson will help the United States Marine Corps kick off their annual Toys for Tots campaign Saturday, October 30th in Abilene with a motorcycle parade.

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When does the event start?

The event starts off at Nelson Park with a meet and greet from 10 am until 12 pm, then kickstands up at noon as the parade rides through town ending up at Kent's Harley-Davidson. Once at Kent's, burger plates will be served for a $5 donation. There will also be an auction, so bring plenty of cash.

Whether you're on two wheels or four, join everyone at Nelson Park Saturday, October 30th. There's nothing more magical than seeing hundreds of motorcycles cruise through Abilene, with a police escort, while helping the Marines kick off their annual event.

What do I need to bring?

The most important thing to remember is an unwrapped toy (or toys) for a boy or girl. Heck, bring multiple unwrapped gifts so we can make sure all kids in our community have a Merry Christmas. Also, non-perishable canned goods will be accepted.

Best of all, riding a motorcycle this time of year is always a blast because it's not 200 degrees outside.

Need more information?

If you need further information about this Toys for Tots run, you can contact Gypsy Spooky at 325-518-5092.

Speaking of Toys for Tots, did you know it was founded way back in 1947 and has since collected well over half a million toys. If you are a family in need, you can apply for toys for your family here.

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