Smartphones can do just about anything these days. They let us send and receive emails, access social media, take and send pictures and play countless video games.

TGI Friday’s is about to add one more option.

The restaurant has implemented a new feature in more than half of their franchises that will let their customers pay for their bill with their smartphones. The app will be available at 350 of the chain’s 650 eateries around the country.

The paperless payment system works through a special app that can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. The app gives the customer a five digit code that they give their server before they order to let them know how they will be paying for their meal. The server attaches the code to the customer’s bill and tracks their orders.

The app doesn’t require swiping an actual credit card. Instead, the customer types the number into the app and can pay at anytime during their meal. It even shows a running tab of what they have ordered, so customers can know what they’re paying for before ordering dessert.

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