This is such an awesome story! 2023 graduate of Conroe High School, Sky Castner opened her graduation speech with the words "I was born in prison." According to, Castner was born while her mother was in the Galveston County Jail  Her mother was incarcerated at the time of her birth. Her dad picked the newborn, Castner, up from jail and raised her as a single dad. Castner grew up moving around a lot with her dad but always stayed in Montgomery County. She didn't let her family situation deter her path in life!

With focus and determination, she graduated 3rd in Conroe High’s class of 2023 and in the fall will live out her dream of attending Harvard University to study law. With so many things going against her, she stayed focused!  This is an incredible story and you can read about her full journey by clicking here.


Even if you are from Victoria, chances are you have at least heard of Sunrise Mall in Corpus Christi. I mean it was the location of the 'mall' scene in the movie "Billie Jean" in the 80s. The Sunrise Mall was built in the early 80s and was definitely poppin'. SEE PHOTO GALLERY BELOW. The mall's decline happened quickly throughout the years as it tried to continue to function. However, in 2019, it officially closed its doors. The building still stands today and has become an eye soar.

Last week, Sunrise Mall received its third separate notice from Corpus Christi's Code Enforcement on May 2. The new notice is a health and safety one, saying the building is unsafe and unfit, according to KRISTV in Corpus Christi.

Check out 28 images of the now abandoned and dead mall in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Sunrise Mall will shine no more.

Take A Look Inside the Decayed and Abandoned Sunrise Mall

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