If you travel a lot, there are probably many times you have forgotten that you have certain things in your luggage. Heck, some people even forget that they have their firearms stowed away and then try to get on an airplane. But this dude in San Antonio takes the cake. He tried to bring an anti-tank rifle on board with him. What?

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The man who took traveling with a weapon to the extreme was carrying a de-militarized 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 Recoiless Rifle that he was going to put on display at a shooting and hunting outdoor trade show.

The only problem was that he forgot to declare the weapon. So imagine TSA's surprise when they found an anti-tank weapon stashed away in some luggage. Oops!

It is legal to travel with a firearm as long as you declare the weapon and have the appropriate paperwork.

The forgetful weapons collector did provide the appropriate paperwork and was eventually released to continue traveling, but only without his anti-tank weapon.

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My question is, how in the heck do you forget to declare a rocket launcher on a commercial flight?

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