57-year-old Freddie Mack had been missing since April until detectives discovered his remains in an unusual place. His family had called the Sheriff's office to do a welfare check at his home. Freddie Mack had lived alone and was considered a disabled adult. His family knew something was up when they stopped receiving calls from him asking for help. Freddie Mack would rely on his family for rides when he needed to take trips to the store.

After his family made the call to the Sheriff's office, they made a trip to do a welfare check. Once arriving at his home, they found no sign of him anywhere but noticed his 18 aggressive dogs. The 18 dogs kept the deputies from doing a thorough search but found nothing. They returned a few days later with the help of technology and used the drone to search his land. Then a detective noticed a small piece of bone, hair, and clothing in the dogs feces. It is unsure whether Freddie Mack was eaten alive by his dogs or if his medical condition had a role in his death.

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