Summer isn't officially here until June 20th, 2024, but don't tell folks in Texas that as temperatures are already brutal. Still, many people will be hitting the road in the Lone Star State searching for rest, relaxation, and perhaps a few adult beverages.

Time For A Road Trip!

It is understandable to be excited about taking a road trip to the beach, your favorite swimming holes in Texas, or that awesome Airbnb or VRBO aunt Susie has been raving about. Many times that excitement will take over and you forget the simplest rules of the road. Some might even choose to do something major like drive while intoxicated.

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What Driving Laws Are Texans Breaking?

While driving under the influence is probably one of the more dangerous and common violations in Texas, there are many others I see being done in Abilene regularly like texting and driving, or flying around you on the highway in a no-passing zone.

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Regardless, as you travel through the Lone Star State, the Texas Department of Public Safety will be watching folks like a hawk to make sure they don't violate these laws.

Top 10 Driving Violations for Texas

Here is a look at the most common driving violations in the state of Texas

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Texas "Slowpoke Law"

While I didn't mention this in the gallery above, did you know that Texas has a law designed to stop people from "riding the passing lane"? The "Slowpoke Law" requires drivers to use multiple-lane highways to use the left lane "only for passing". Yet, you see too many people using the lane to mosey on down the road with no care in the world.

Wherever your adventure takes you this summer, remember to play it safe and be extra careful to follow these laws as Texas DPS will be cracking down on these violations.

Stay safe, ya'll!

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