I was cruising through my Facebook newsfeed and discovered something that I'm not sure is a good idea or a great idea. Blue Bell Ice Cream is now selling koozies for their delicious pint-sized ice cream. What?

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Here in Texas, Blue Bell Ice Cream is supreme and one of the many things in Texas that we love the most. As the brutal heat continues in the Lone Star State, I'm willing to bet that many folks have Blue Bell on their weekly grocery list.

Well, now you can keep that ice cream from melting so fast with Blue Bell's new koozies. Now, they are only available for the pints, at least for now. But, if you're tired of getting about halfway through your pint of ice cream before it starts melting, then this is the koozie you are searching for. (Do you like the Star Wars reference?)

What kind of koozies do they have?

There are three different koozies to choose from including Cookie Two Step, Strawberry, and Homemade Vanilla. What, no Dutch Chocolate? I'm a little disappointed with that. Come on Blue Bell!

If you are wanting one of these bad boys, you might want to keep checking the availability because according to Blue Bell's Facebook page, they are already sold out. But, they plan on getting more later this month.

I gotta be honest, I can tear through a pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream in minutes so I probably won't use one - bedsides, they don't have Dutch Chocolate yet. But, I wonder if they will make them in half-gallon sizes?

What? I love ice cream.

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