A Chinese professor believes he can charge folks a whooping $69,000 for tea made from Panda poop because it might help fight cancer.

Sichuan University professor An Shi has been awarded a patent for a tea that uses panda feces as fertilizer. Since the panda bears only digest 30 percent of the bamboo they consume — and bamboo has cancer fighting properties similar to green tea — the beverage’s hook would be its health benefits. The high price is due to the fact that pandas are such a rare species.

Even if the special blend was reasonably priced, we have our doubts about the success of the innovation, considered people are kind of particular about what they put in their body. Especially when you tell them it’s made from poop.

The ad campaign might be very interesting, something like “Panda Poo Tea — Made From The Butt Stuff On Earth.”

[via Geekosystem]