No doubt about it.  Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless is my favorite new feisty rock minx.  Hot, talented, and a "don't give a f***" attitude.  I'm hooked.  Their first album, "Light Me Up" and the follow up E.P., "Hit Me Like a Man" were just a warmup for "Going to Hell"...which from all indications, will be the break-through project for Taylor and crew...

With the first single from "Hell", "Heaven Knows" blowing up at rock radio, you'd think everything was sunshine and unicorns for The Pretty Reckless.  Not so much.  Taylor's bout with laryngitis has caused them to bail out of the headlining slot of the Snocore Tour (effectively killing the tour in the process) - and that's just the latest obstacle they've had to crawl over and through since they started to record the album.  In this recent interview with TeamRock, Taylor talks about "Going to Hell", and what the band went through to get the album recorded:

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