The Swenson House was built in 1910 by W.G. and Shirley Swenson. The house was built on 58 acres but now sits on a two-acre city block. Today, the Swenson House is on the Register of Historic Places and is currently used for weddings, receptions, parties, and of course, Haunted Abilene. Today, the Swenson House is owned by the Swenson House Historical Society, a nonprofit organization.

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The Society works to protect & maintain it’s contents. It is making the Swenson House accessible to schools, univeristies civic groups & individuals for education, community events, partnerships with civic orgaizations, docent guided tours, volunteer opportunities, rentals & events. We ask you to join us & support us in keeping the Swenson House a vibrant cornerstone in the City of Abilene for many years to come! [Swenson House Historical Society]

While tours are available year-round, the best time to really see it is when you visit Haunted Abilene. Fortunately, our good friend and host of Exploring With Project Bad, Nick Summers, was able to get a sneak-peak preview of what to expect at Haunted Abilene.


Now, if you want to experience Haunted Abilene, you only get one weekend to do so. THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY.

How much does Haunted Abilene cost?

The haunted house tour is only $15 per person and children 6 and under are free. Now, you can go big and get a combination ticket that includes the haunted trolly ride and haunted tour for $25.

When is Haunted Abilene open?

You can get spooked, at the Swenson House, on October 22nd and 23rd from 7 pm-10 pm, both nights.

This is the 14th year for the haunted house tour and there are 20 working actors hidden all throughout the house to provide a scare or two. The nighttime is the best time as it gets dark, the house and grounds light up with over 20,000 bulbs.

Since it's Halloween, there will be candy given out so make sure the kids have a bucket or bag.

According to Nick, Haunted Abilene is "the best-haunted house tour West Texas has to offer" and I believe him.

Remember the guy that gave us an inside look at the white mansion on Buffalo Gap Road? That's Nick, the same guy that's giving us this little peek into Haunted Abilene. Keep an eye on his Youtube channel as he uploads new videos all the time.

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