Following his recent political diatribes and the response they've drawn, System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has offered a pointed response to Democrats and those with liberal views who disapprove of President Trump. In it, the musician calls them "cowards" who "need to be herded" with "the rest of the sheep."

The right-leaning screed from Dolmayan follows similar statements from the rocker. Just this month, the drummer used Instagram to voice opposition to defunding the police. He also called Trump the "greatest friend to minorities." In April, he pondered right-wing coronavirus conspiracy theories.

But in Dolmayan's latest message, shared Sunday (June 14), the System of a Down member directly addresses those who disagree with him while showing solidarity with conservatives.

"For those of you who think you are coming from a morally superior position therefore any differing opinion or viewpoint is invalid think again," Dolmayan writes. "It's the easy path to think like you, it's in their best self interests for celebrities and politicians to support you but you will lose in the end because you are the very thing you pretend to fight against."

He continues, "The true fascist, the true bigots hidden in plain sight from the same party who fought to maintain slavery, Jim Crow, non voting rights for women, and who are directly responsible for 70 plus million abortions, a large majority of whom were black. You don't want free speech, you can't handle free speech because you are cowards and need to be herded along with the rest of the sheep."

In the post, Dolmayan identifies with "the silent ones who think they are alone in a world where their thoughts are alien or wrong." The language echoes that of Trump's continued appeals to a "silent majority."

In a separate Instagram missive from June 9, Dolmayan directed his followers to a Chicago Sun-Times article that examines the high rate of gun violence over a single day in the city.

A few days later, the musician concluded his reply to progressives and left-of-center voters with words of support for the president. "Happy birthday President Trump," Dolmayan says, "and good luck in November!"

Meanwhile, listeners eager for fresh material from System of a Down will continue their long wait. In a video interview that emerged on YouTube this week, the drummer said he thinks it's "very unlikely" that the group will make new music. The band last released Hypnotize in 2005.

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