I swear I'm ahead of the times, but only by a few months.

In fairness, there is this thing called "Synchronicity".  Synchronicity is more than an album by The Police, it's the word describing when people have the same idea at the same time.  With a finite number of things in the world, it's possible that me and a guy in China both think, "what this world needs is more disposable stick-on mustaches for dogs" at nearly the exact same moment.   Take something like writing a song or joke, or even preparing a food combination and you'll see why so many people come up with the same thing (then accuse the other of ripping them off).

This "synchronicity" has happened over and over and over again with me. I'm not going to bore you with examples.  What I will say is within the last six months I was saying "why sour cream isn't available in some type of squirt bottle?"  Making it even weirder, last month I made nachos and to apply the sour cream I scooped the stuff into a baggie, then cut a corner off to shoot it on the nachos (so it wasn't one big blob).

Well, life just got good folks. This morning at Walmart I spotted the latest in sour cream technology taking up some serious shelf space.  I haven't used mine yet so I can't quite describe the "stream" as of now, but I'll let you know.  One thing is for sure, you can now squirt away with your sour cream.

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