Despite the much-ballyhooed reports of the Walkman’s demise in 2010 — as well as the fact that it no longer plays cassettes — Sony has revived the brand for a new lineup of digital music players.

They won’t look at all familiar to anyone who owned a Walkman during the once-ubiquitous portable tape player’s heyday, but the new units (which go by the decidedly less nostalgic catalog numbers F800 and E470) aim to combat Apple’s near-total dominance of the music hardware market by offering most of the features we’ve grown accustomed to over the last few years.

The F800 is the fancier of the two, with web access, a touch screen,and Bluetooth capability; meanwhile, the E470 boasts an old-school click wheel and games like Tetris. They’ll set you back between $299 (for the 32GB F800) and $79 (for the 8GB E470).

If you’re itching to put your MP3 library someplace and you don’t feel like shelling out for an iPod, these small-and-slender new Walkmen look like they’ll provide some decent value — even if they’re a far cry from the bulky units that ran on AA batteries and came with flimsy over-the-ear headphones with thin foam covers.