What songs make you want to put the hammer down and haul ass?  We all do it.  You hear a song on the radio and automatically you find yourself going a little over the speed limite.  Here are songs to speed to - my top 10.

I was driving back to work from lunch today when "Down With The Sickness" from Disturbed came on Rock 108. (Yes, I listen to my own station because we are bad ass!) Anyway, I'm listening to the song and jamming out when I looked down and see that I'm going almost 55 in a 30 - I was hauling ass!  I had no idea I was going that fast and was glad that I didn't get pulled over because that would have been a pretty pricey ticket.

So, that got me to thinking about other songs that when I hear them, I hit the pedal like I'm racing for the checkered flag at TMS.

What makes people do that?  Do we just think, "aw man, bad ass tune, I'm going to speed now"? No - It just happens.

So, here our some my favorite songs to speed to - top 10

1. Pantera "Mouth For War"

Really, any song from Pantera I'll probably speed to, but this one still makes me grit my teeth, hammer down, and just haul ass.

2. Motley Crue "Wild Side"

A long time ago, a buddy of mine and I used to play this racing game and I can't remember what the heck it was, but I remember we would listen to "Wild Side" and for some reason that motivated me to kick his ass.  To this day, any time I hear this song, the accelerator gets stuck to the floorboard.

3. Slayer "South of Heaven"

Do I really need to explain this one?

4. Sevendust "Black"

This is actually the song I was listening to when I was racing my camaro down Industrial and wrecked it.  Yeah, racing in the streets is stupid, kids.

5. White Zombie "Electric Head part 2

Really, any song from 'Astro Creep: 2000' can be a song to speed to - it's just one of those albums that demand speed in my opinion.

6. Disturbed "Down With The Sickness"

As I previously mentioned in this blog, I was a racing fool earlier to this one, so I'll put it in slot number 6 here. I'm going to use the 'Resident Evil' video version.

7. Pantera "Becoming"

I honestly could have put every Pantera song in this list, but I'm trying to have a little variety here.  Horns up for 'Becoming'!

8. Metallica "Four Horseman"

This song doesn't get as much credit as "Seek and Destroy" but this is another cool song off of 'Kill 'Em All' that I dig a lot when I drive.  Putting the pedal to the metal definitely applies here.

9. Pantera "Living Through Me"

Surprise, surprise - another Pantera song.

10. Lamb of God "Set To Fail"

When I hear this song, the pedal becomes one with the floorboard.  Another great song to speed to.

Those are some of my favorite songs to speed to.  Now, I want to be clear that I am in no way condoning speeding in your vehicle.  I am merely putting out there that these songs make me WANT to speed and on occasions, I have increased my speed due to these songs.

Anyway, there are a million songs on my mind but those top 10 were right off the top of my head.

What are your some songs that make you speed?