Someone on Twitter has found each member of the Foo Fighters' dog doppelgangers and here's what the band looks like as cute pups.

Twitter user @pennyroyalmilk's Foo Fighters thread on Twitter is pretty adorable and shockingly accurate. From pugs to Rottweilers, all of the members of the Foo Fighters have a dog doppelganger and it makes us wonder if their dopplegangers are the same kinds of dogs they have at home. (They do say that dogs and their owners tend to look alike.)

The lead guitarist of the Foo Fighters, Chris Shiflett's dog doggpleganger is an Australian Terrier. According to AKC, they are affectionate and spirited and are only 11" tall.

The next Foo Fighters' doppelganger is described as charming, loving, mischievous and thinks everyone is their best friend. Guitarist Pat Smear's dog doppelganger is a pug and you can see both of their doppelganger below.

Taylor Hawkins' dog doppelganger is a golden retriever. Not only does the late drummer's hair match the dog's coat, but golden retrievers are also intelligent, friendly, devoted, lovey-dovey and playful, which sounds just like him. Dave Grohl talked about their bond in his memoir, "tearing through the room like an F5 tornado of hyperactive joy was Taylor Hawkins."

Another Foo Fighters dog doppelganger is Nate Mendel's, which is a cocker spaniel which is described as being a smart, happy, and gentle dog.

As for the rest of the Foo Fighters, frontman Dave Grohl's dog doppelganger is a Rottweiler, a loyal, loving and confident guardian. When it comes to a Rottweiler's mental stimulation needs they need a job or activity - so maybe that explains Grohl's constant projects.

Last but not least, keyboardist Rami Jaffee's dog doppelganger is a german shepherd which is described as being courageous, confident, smart and very protective.

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