Slipknot fans are a passionate bunch, with their devotion taking on various forms. One of the latest to display their fandom in a unique way comes from TikTok user yunghussy, who posted video of a shrine built by her mother to "The 9" in her bathroom.

It's quite an impressive visual display, with circular photos of each of the band's members lining the floor as you enter the space. You'll also see a Slipknot shower curtain, walls aligned with Slipknot designs including a painted visage of Corey Taylor, a metal barrel drum like the kind that Slipknot pound at a concert, a full band photo hanging above the commode, a Slipknot sticker on the toilet tank and various other Slipknot amenities.

"My mom's favorite band is Slipknot, so she built a Slipknot bathroom," revealed the TikTok user. The brief clip is soundtracked by "Psychosocial," and gives viewers a great glimpse at how in depth the fandom goes in tribute to the group. Watch below.

@yunghussyMy moms favorite band is slipknot, so she built a slipknot bathroom. ##slipknot ##slipknotbathroom ##jackstauber ##coreytaylor ##thenine @jenniferscanvas♬ Buttercup X Slipknot - thiqbish

Slipknot are currently on break from the road during the pandemic, but Corey Taylor has stated that the band intends on finishing their touring cycle for We Are Not Your Kind as soon as it's safe again. Taylor also has a new solo album en route called CMFT that is due Oct. 2 via Roadrunner Records. He recently released the songs "CMFT Must Be Stopped" and "Black Eyes Blue," both of which can be heard here.

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