Beauty pageants come with a strict set of rules.The contestants of Miss Corpus Christi Latina are learning all the rules to the pageant in order to win their case against the pageant director.

Six contestants are suing the pageant director of Miss Corpus Christi Latina after 25-year-old Caitlin Cifuentes was crowned the winner in June 11th. Her fellow beauty queens believe Cifuentes should be disqualified due to her controversial criminal record and divorce.

The contestants have pursued a lawsuit showcasing the Nueces County controversial court documents of Cifuentes past which show she is currently on deferred adjudicated probation for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and probation for a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated case. They also point out Cifuentes being divorced, which isn't against the rules, in the adult category of the pageant.

Pageant director Kayla Alvare told Corpus Christi Caller-Times,  "Cifuentes could not have been disqualified because being on deferred adjudication probation does not legally mean she was convicted. Alvarez went on to explain that married women are not allowed to compete in the teen category, but divorced women are allowed to participate in the adult category as along as she isn't married at pageant time."

The six contestants are seeking $100,000 from the pageant director since she allowed Cifuentes to compete. As the lawsuit continues, Cifuentes is still scheduled to compete for the state title in August.