Brian Fair of Shadows Fall is known as an energetic vocalist and performer onstage but he’s about to step into the role of new father as he and his wife are gearing up to be parents for the first time.

While in his hometown for the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival we spoke to the native “Masswipe” and daddy to be all about his little bundle of joy. He talks to us about the gender of the baby and whether or not it will have dreads.

Last year you were at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival as a fan, but this year Shadows Fall is playing.

Yeah, it’s cool and these are the last batch of shows we’re going to be doing for a while because I’m about to have my first kid so we’re taking some time off from the road. Ending it with Metal Fest is  the perfect way, we’re just stoked, hometown shows are always fun.

Congratulations on the kid!

Thank you, it’s a crazy life change – we’re definitely taking the time off because I want to be there for the first everything. When things settle down, we’ll head back out on the road again.

Do you know the gender of the baby?

Yup, it’s a little girl coming.

Is she going to be a metalhead?

She better be! No, whatever she wants to be is cool with me, we’ll see – as long as she’s healthy.

As long as she’s healthy and has kickass dreads.

Yeah. [Laughs] Well me and the wife both have dreads so people are expecting her to just come out with dreads and I’m like, “I don’t think that’s how it works.” It’s be easier to pull her out if she had dreads, although it’d probably be a lot more uncomfortable for the wife than for me.