Want to know which words are repeated the most often in your favorite band's lyrics?

Rock and metal fans might be familiar with those stylized word clouds — such as one culled from Slipknot songs in 2019 or a Metallica-probing word find from earlier this year — that so nicely illustrate how frequently a word gets repeated in an act's material by correlating it with how big or small the word displays.

Now, a website will give you just such a result for almost any band there is.

It's called Repeeted, and it's already analyzed nearly 300 million words from 985,119 songs by 22,119 artists. So, we have a feeling plenty of your favorite hard rock and heavy metal performers will be represented.

For example, type Rage Against the Machine into Repeeted, and the cloud that results will show high repeats for Zack de la Rocha-voiced words such as "yeah," "man," "burn" and "now." Uh! Pow!

The site explains, "Repeeted is a project motivated by learning new technologies and having fun programming solutions. Its purpose is to make it possible to discover which words are most repeated by an artist or band."

How does it work? To get technical, it uses "technologies such as web [scraping], REST, React, Node.js and others" with a lyrics database to "obtain and process the most repeated words in the artists' lyrics, respecting request limits and other barriers."

Ready to try it out? Go to repeeted.com, search for an artist or band and have fun with the resultant word salad. You may be surprised at the most repeated words in your favorite act's lyrics.

There's also a website that will tell you what bands to listen to based on your music taste.

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