What is scromiting?

Combining the words screaming and vomiting, the new term describes a disturbing health trend related to heavy marijuana use.

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, known as scromiting, is a condition characterized by abdominal discomfort and nausea. It is thought to be so painful that the person experiencing it will simultaneously shriek, yell or cry while vomiting.

But is it real?

According to Insider, yes — and it may be on the rise thanks to the widespread legalization of weed.

While CHS only affects a small group of heavy, habitual marijuana users, if left untreated, other side effects may include infections, kidney failure, dehydration and significant weight loss.

Taking hot showers and effectively stopping marijuana use reportedly help treat the condition.

But if avid marijuana use has been documented for decades with no reports of scromiting, why are we seeing it now?

It's believed that conditions such as CHS are caused by the higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, found in the cannabis grown today.

According to Insider, marijuana in the '90s may have contained one to three milligrams of THC, whereas now, it may contain upwards of 18 milligrams of THC.

Still, weed users are hesitant to step away from the green, and the validity of scromiting has become the latest battleground in the debate for legalization.

A report published by The Mail Plus describes the bizarre phenomena as a "public health nightmare" affecting Californians. It also claims the legalization of marijuana is to blame for an uptick in addiction, criminal behavior and violence.

The report has sent Twitter into a spiral.

However, it's believed that scromiting — while a very real medical phenomena — is probably being blown out of proportion.

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