Saving Abel are no stranger to Abilene, so when they brought the Rock 4 Revival Tour (with Art of Dying) to town they decided to go ahead and film their next video for the song "Mystify".

While they were here, director extraordinaire, Davo (Sevendust, Butcher Babies) began to scout out locations to shoot the video and ended up picking Fort Phantom Hill.

This was the weirdest music video I've ever shot. We had two days off on tour, hangin' in Abilene, Texas. Had a blast at Pain's house for some awesome BBQ, by the way...Mmm. So we found this spot called Fort Phantom Hill, way out in the sticks, some old Army outpost I was told. We simply took the tour bus over there at 5am, woke the band up, Chris French and I shot the whole thing in about two hours as the sun came up. No one got bit by a rattlesnake or a scorpion and we pulled it off without a hitch. I mean, we had nothing out there, the playback we used for the band was a makeshift tailgating cooler/CD player someone had loaned us. It was magic. Ha. Enjoy the video and thanks Abilene! - Davo

Great friends and even greater talent.

Watch "Mystify" by Saving Abel

'Mystify' is from Saving Abel's new EP "Crack'n the Safe", which is out now. Pick it up, I promise you won't be disappointed. Next time they're in town, go see them live.

Definitely proud to call all these guys friends. Great job on the music and video.

Eric and Michael, of Saving Abel, have some breaking news for you here:

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