Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about where you're gonna take your date and the Abilene area is full of romantic and fun places to appeal to all love birds.

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Now, this year Valentine's Day (February 14th) falls on a Monday. Since Monday is the worst day of the week, take advantage of the full weekend leading up to Valentine's Day to take care of your sweetheart. Besides, you just may surprise them since they'll be assuming you're going out on that Monday.

The beauty of utilizing the entire weekend is that your options are wide open and the chances of disappointing your valentine are slim to none. Well, that is, unless you forget the date altogether.

There's a little something for every date here in the Abilene area. Some are as obvious as the day is long and some may take a little more creativity, but you should have an awesome Valentine's Day by celebrating in the area.

Romantic & Fun Places in the Abilene Area to Take Your Valentine

We mentioned a couple of places in the SoDA District, but there are so many more great, locally-owned businesses in downtown Abilene to visit on Valentine's Day (or the weekend before).

Visit these Downtown Abilene places on Valentine's Day:

If you know of a fun and/or romantic place to spend Valentine's Day, in our area, and it's not on the list - please send me an email so I can get it added.

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