Street performers enjoy sharing their talents with wide-eyed crowds who may donate a few dollars in exchange for the impromptu entertainment. However, police are urging people to be aware of their surroundings, especially during street performances.

Scammers are reportedly now disguising themselves as musicians, specifically parking lot violin players.

According to reports, many of the violinists you may come across in your local grocery store parking lot don't actually know how to play the instrument, but are instead simply pumping out pre-recorded music from a hidden speaker.

While plenty of talented buskers are out there performing on the streets for tips, some performers are pretending to play in hopes of landing a donation, with many accepting both cash and electronic payments.

They're often spotted near a sign sharing their story and a plea for money.

While this may seem like a victimless crime, many are unaware their dollars are being extended to support a false claim.

Spreading awareness via social media and news outlets, police officers are urging people to be aware of phony parking lot musicians.

Some news outlets even report that these "pretend performers" travel together as part of an organized group.

Cities and towns across the country allege these fake musicians are staging their performances on busy street corners, big-box store parking lots and even in front of supermarkets.

While some consider these "violinists" to be scammers, others don't seem to mind if the "musicians" are truly playing or not. Either way, it's unexpected entertainment.

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