We have all had it happen to us at some point, there is a vehicle that shows up in front of your home and you have no idea who it belongs to. It almost makes you go into detective mode because why on earth would someone choose to park in front of your house? While most people hate the idea of some random vehicle being parked in front of their home, is it illegal to park there or is it legal, just a bit irritating?  

While it might be strange to have someone parked in front of your house, according to Texas law it is not illegal. While you own your property and your home, the street in front of your house is public property so anyone is welcome to use that space. Although you might want to ask permission if possible before parking there because you can’t just leave your car there for multiple days.  

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Your Vehicle Could End Up Being Towed 

For example, if you park near a friend's house but it’s in front of a neighbor's house and leave it there for the weekend your vehicle might not be there when you get back. If you leave your vehicle unattended for more than 24 hours, it’s possible the city or more likely that neighbor could have that vehicle towed. You will want to check with your local city ordinance or just speak with the neighbor before leaving your vehicle for multiple days. 

Being Courteous Makes This a Non-Issue 

If you’re parking in front of someone’s house, the best thing to do is contact the homeowner, and let them know that you’ll only be there temporarily. If you’re the homeowner, try to make contact with the vehicle owner before calling a tow truck. In the long run, this is nothing more than a minor annoyance, don’t let something like this ruin your day.  

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