This year has been "one of the most fucked up years" of Ozzy Osbourne's life, per his own admission. Despite a wealth of serious medical setbacks, he looked and sounded great in a recent interview on SiriusXM, seen below.

The Prince of Darkness sat in with "Ozzy's Boneyard" host Billy Morrison (guitar - Billy Idol, Royal Machines, ex-Camp Freddy), lucidly discussing his year with enthusiastic energy. "I broke my neck in January, I had pneumonia, I've had fucking blood clots… I had everything this year. Morrison joked, "So you're feeling well?" Osbourne replied, "Same as usual."

Recalling all the setbacks that have plagued him in 2019, the singer detailed, "I was doing that farewell tour, and it was going great," he continued. "I was singing better than I've sang [in a long time], and I was really happy. I went home for a short break and I got two staph infections in two of my fingers. God knows how that happened. That cleared up. Then I did the New Year's Eve show at the Forum here in Los Angeles. That was the last gig I did, 'cause the following February, I went for a bathroom break in the night and lost my footing. I hit the deck like a fucking ton of bricks."

Osbourne went on to explain that his wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, didn't believe his claims that he had broken his neck during the fall. "I was lying there and I said, 'Well, you've fucking done it.' So then I said to Sharon… She goes, 'What are you doing?' It was two o'clock in the morning. I said, 'I think I broke my neck.' She goes, 'Oh, go and get back in bed.' I said, 'No. Call an ambulance.' So that was it."

While the nature of the injuries are quite serious, especially for someone who's 70 years old, Osbourne coherently told the tales with a smile on his face, giving fans hope that his rescheduled 2020 European farewell tour dates will be a go. See those stops here.

The singer also recently stated that his least favorite solo album is 1986's The Ultimate Sin. See where we ranked that album among his solo records beneath the video.

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