Of Mice & Men dished out a pair of vicious new songs earlier this year and now the suspicions of a follow-up to last year’s Rise have proved true. The Ohio metalcore outfit has set Earth & Sky as the title of their new record and have shared the title track along with the rest of the album’s details.

The previously released songs, “Mushroom Cloud” and “How to Survive” will be part of the new record. "Earth & Sky" is a little less intense than those two tracks, deploying airy twin harmonies and crisp, clean-sung refrains between the more pummeling moments.

Listen to the new track below.

"'Earth & Sky' is a song about resilience. It's about understanding that you can rise above whatever it is that keeps trying to drag you down, no matter what, says frontman Aaron Pauley.

"For me, a lot of the time, I'm writing about battling with my own mind. For you, it may be a person, or an obstacle, or a circumstance," he continued. "Regardless of whatever it is that's trying relentlessly to drag you down, I hope this song empowers you to rise above it with authority, like it does me every time I sing it.”

Earth & Sky comes out on Sept. 27 on Rise Records. Check below for the album art and track listing.

Of Mice & Men, Earth & Sky Album Art + Track Listing

Rise Records
Rise Records

01. "Gravedancer"
02. "As We Suffocate"
03. "Taste Of Regret"
04. "Mushroom Cloud"
05. "Pieces"
06. "Deceiver/Deceived"
07. "Earth & Sky"
08. "The Mountain"
09. "Meltdown"
10. "Linger"
11. "How To Survive"

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