The National Rifle Association, known as the NRA, has decided to cancel their upcoming annual meeting and exhibits in Houston citing health and safety concerns over rising cases of COVID-19.

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We make this difficult decision after analyzing relevant data regarding COVID-19 in Harris County, Texas. We also consulted with medical professionals, local officials, major sponsors & exhibitors, and many NRA members before arriving at this decision. [NRA]

The statement goes on to say that going forward with the meeting would be difficult to offer their guests the full experience that NRA members deserve. They end by stating they look forward to next year's Celebration of Freedom in Louisville and wish their members continued health and safety.

It is truly unfortunate as the NRA is celebrating 150 years, in 2021, so you know the meeting would have been epic. However, the health and safety of attendees are much more important.

You can read their full press release here.

This cancellation is of many in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases as many of those have contracted the deadlier Delta variant.

The concert and touring industry have, especially, been hit hard by COVID-19. 2020 basically shut down all concerts and just when we're seeing light at the end of the tunnel, in 2021, many bands have opted to cancel shows due to COVID.

The Texas Music Office has gathered a variety of resources for those in the music industry as means of financial assistance during this incredibly difficult time. In the meantime, make sure you get out and support any and all live music while we still have it. I'm afraid we may start seeing more cancellations. Fingers crossed we don't, though.

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