Nampa Police in Idaho, have released a video of officers taking down a pit bull with deadly force, after the dog attacked one of them. Was the shooting justified?

In the video, two officers, who are both wearing cameras, are seen doing a welfare check at a residence.  One officer knocks on a door that was left open and clearly announces himself as a police officer.  After a moment, two dogs run out of the house and and attack the officer.  The officer that is attacked, backs up as far as he could and attempts to fend off the dogs.  When all else fails, one of the dogs is shot and killed.

Junior, the dog that was shot, was a pit bull-mastiff mix.

There has been a lot of debate on whether or not pit bulls are too dangerous to be kept as a pet, or if it all comes down to how the dogs are trained.  I'm not writing this to debate that, but rather to find out if you think this shooting was justified based on the video evidence.  Is there anything else that the officers could have done?

Check out the video, which shows both officers' camera footage.

WARNING: The video you are about to see contains graphic material and may not be suitable for everyone.

So, what are your thoughts on the video? Were the officers justified in shooting the dog? What would you have done?

(via KTVB)